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Located in Mumbai, Godrej Archives is the Godrej group's business archive. The Archives collects, preserves and manages records covering 121 years of the company's history. The idea was mooted in 1997, the group's centenary year, by Mr. Sohrab Godrej, former chairman of the Godrej group, who had over the years, taken up the task of collecting relevant documents and photographs. Since then, Archvies has been recording the history of Godrej – its products, plants and people – and making it available for research.


The Archives helps the organisation identify records that are of historical values. Godrej Archives works in collaboration with preservation and conservation experts in the country to conserve records using state-of-the-art standards and practices.


Explore this website to find out what treasures we have, reflecting the history of Godrej and its contributions to the history of Industrial India.



To create an institute preserving Godrej’s history – create awareness about business history and archives.



  • To collect, document, preserve, interpret and communicate to people the history of Godrej
  • To create resources in the form of oral history recordings
  • To make available sources pertaining to Godrej's past to researchers, students and the business world
  • To promote awareness of Business History and Archives