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  • The Archives will provide reprography service at standard fees. The work order will be executed after the payment of reprography fees. In case of payment by cheque, they are to be made payable to "Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd."
  • User has to fill up a 'Use of Material Form' along with 'Term and Conditions form'.
  • Godrej Archives will not provide copies from restricted/ closed records without permission of the originating office or donor.
  • Godrej archives will not copy an original item that is deemed too fragile for copying, or any document in which copying may damage the document.
  • Godrej Archives reserves the right to refuse extremely large copying orders that will place undue pressures on the staff.
  • Reprography service is not provided for materials other than those in possession of Godrej Archives.
  • Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish them. Separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the Archives.


Reprography Charges


Library Collection

Photocopying charges for books are Rs. 2 per page.


Manuscripts Collections (Records on Paper)

Black and White Reproduction: Photocopying manuscripts (pre-1947) - Rs. 20 per page (letter and legal size) and Rs. 30 per page (A3 size) manuscripts (post 1947) - Rs. 10 per page ( letter and legal size) and Rs. 20 per page (A3 size).

Colour reproduction: Photocopying manuscripts (pre-1947) - Rs. 30 per page ( letter and legal size) and Rs. 40 per page (A3 size) Manuscripts (post 1947) - Rs. 20 per page (letter and legal size) and Rs. 30 per page (A3 size)

Digital reproduction:

  • Rs. 1000 per document and an additional Rs. 10 for providing it on a CD
  • Images with resolution higher than 300 dpi - an additional Rs. 100 for every extra 100 dpi.


Photographs collection

  • Godrej Archives will provide only digital reproduction (scanned version) of photographs with resolution 300 dpi in TIF format. The charges for digital reproduction are Rs. 1000 per document and additional Rs. 10 if user requires it on a CD.
  • If user requires an image with resolution higher than 300 dpi, additional Rs. 100 will be charged for every additional 100 dpi.


Audio-Visual Collection

  • We copy whole film, video and audio.
  • Reproduction of the audio-visual material will be done by Godrej Archives. Once the work order is placed, Archives will send the material to the studio for duplication. The user is required to pay the cost of reproduction as per the charges fixed by the studio.
  • Blank audio/video CDs may be provided by the users if desired. If not, archives will provide the CDs at Rs. 10 per CD.
  • Godrej Archives do not allow the reproduction of Oral History recordings. Only the transcriptions are available for photocopying. The charges will be Rs. 5 per page.

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