Services  >  Research Room Rules
  • All users must fill up the User Form.
  • All users should fill up the 'Request Form for Archival Material' giving details of the archival material they required for research and hand it over to the Archives Staff who will then get the required material for the user.
  • ONLY PENCILS may be used in the Reference Room (no pens).
  • NO POST-IT NOTES can be used to mark original documents. Archives Staff will provide book-marks to mark pages.
  • NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES are allowed in the Reference Room.
  • The use of personal portable computers will be allowed when possible. However, the use of hand-held scanners, digital cameras, and mobile with cameras is prohibited.
  • Materials to be used only in the reference room.
  • All stack areas of the Archives are closed to users. All materials to be retrieved by the archives Staff only. No materials will be retrieved after 4:45 PM.
  • Materials should be handled with care and kept flat on the table. They must not be leaned on, written on. Folded, or otherwise handled in any way likely to damage them.
  • When handling photographs, users must wear white cotton gloves provided by the Archives.

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